Isn’t there the beginning of time? A new scientific theory tears everything we know about spacetime

It all started at the Big Bang, didn’t it? Many scientists believe that there was never actually a beginning, one of them is Bruno Bento, researcher of the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, who raises an infinite past and sees the Big Bang as one more event.

Bento is co-author of the article “If time had no beginning”, which is still under review by other experts. The professor explained that there are two theories to try to explain the universe: quantum mechanics, which describes subatomic particles and interactions, and general relativity, which works very well to explain gravity.

But the theory of relativity, developed by Albert Einstein, cannot detail the Big Bang or what happened before, that is why at the moment of the explosion it is called a singularity, however that does not solve anything, so many scientists have dedicated themselves to creating a theory that unifies knowledge.

In search of a unifying theory

Experts hope to find the quantum theory of gravity and apparently Bento and his colleagues have ideas that could help end the discussion, as his research argues that space-time is made up of “atoms of space-time” and there can be nothing smaller than that.

“According to causal set theory, what we feel as the passage of time corresponds to the birth of new elements of the causal set. What we call ‘now’ is the birth of a new element ”, explains the scientist.

Bento and his colleagues have the hypothesis that there has always been something, “we do not necessarily have a beginning,” he said. He himself knows that his idea is risky and that even the “asynchronous becoming” can sound fanciful, that is why His work is under the scrutiny of his peers, who will determine whether he is right or wrong.


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