Photoshop updates with a new search box and much more

In fact, right now it can be considered a program to edit images suitable for both novice and professional users. It is evident that to get the most out of the application we are going to need quite advanced knowledge and experience in using. It is one of the star products of the software firm so they take special care of it. This is something that is achieved in a large measure thanks to the updates that are sent from time to time, as is the case at hand.

And it is that Adobe has announced just a few hours ago a new update for its Photoshop application for Windows-based computers.

What’s new in the new Photoshop update

This update brings improvements in various functions, among which we can highlight those of Transformation and Deformation. At the same time, major improvements have also been made to the sky replacement function. We say this because from now on we have new items of this type to choose from. To give us an idea of ​​what we mean, we can import up to 5,000 items of these at a time.

Likewise, we find a new panel that is included in the main interface of the program and that it will be of great use to us. Thus, the new panel called Discover in Photoshop, offers us a new way to find relevant content for what is being designed. To begin, we will tell you that we have the possibility of starting a search in this panel with the key combination Ctrl + F. In the same way we can click on the search icon in the application bar.

With all this, what the software firm intends is to improve the user experience with this powerful program. In addition, to all of them we must add the fact that it is one of the most successful and used in the whole world, hence the importance of these updates.

Bug fixes coming into the Adobe program

While trying to improve the operation of the application as such with the implementation of new functions, the last detected errors are also corrected. This is something that could not be missing in the update that we are talking about in these same lines. These are some of the corrections most important coming now:

  • Canvas movement is smoother when zoomed in at maximum levels.
  • Mesh visualization improvements.
  • Smoother handling of haze when paint.
  • Disk full error has been solved.
  • Now included images presets for transferring styles.
  • We can now use any custom image and apply the style of that image to our document.
  • The Superzoom now operates on the entire layer instead of just a cropped part of the image.

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