so you can draw in a straight line with photoshop

When we have to make certain photographic designs, or edit images, one of the first solutions that come to mind is photoshop. The main reason for all this is that this powerful program is the industry benchmark used by millions of users around the globe.

One of the main reasons for all this is the enormous functionality that it offers us, adapted to both novice users and the most professional. It is true that being able to take full advantage of this application that we are telling you about is not easy at all, even more so if we delve into its more advanced features. But at the same time those who do not have much experience in this type of work, here will find an extremely useful solution. And it is that Photoshop offers us a series of tools considered basic to carry out simple touch-ups on our images from the PC.

When we work with these photographic files, whether on a personal or professional level, on many occasions we need to add straight lines and arrows. These elements serve us to indicate run jump certain parts of the original image. How could it be otherwise, the Adobe program tries to make things much easier for us to add these objects. Also, even if we have some basic knowledge of photoshopthis is something that we can carry out in a simple way.

In fact, we could say that this is one of the many common elements that we will generally need to use in our photos. That is precisely why the people at Adobe try to make this type of task easier for us in their popular program.

Design and add lines in Photoshop

Well, degrees to this point we will tell you that, to add in the first place, a straight line for the image loaded in the program, we can do it easily. For this that we are commenting on, the first thing we must do is take a look at the panel that by default is located in the left side of Photoshop desktop. Here we are going to find the tool called precisely Line, in which we click to design our custom straight lines.

At the top of the main interface of the program we find a series of parameters that will allow us to customize this element. In this way we will have the opportunity to define such important parameters as the stroke fill color, its thickness, or its width and length. Next, we will only have to drag the mouse over the loaded image to define and add the straight line we need.

photoshop lines

Turn these objects into arrows

Needless to say, turning a straight line in a photo editing program into an arrow is a fairly easy change. However, its usefulness increases ostensibly if we add a point to that straight line and, as we say, turn it into a date. And it is that these graphic elements are going to serve us to point out certain parts of an image and draw attention to it for whatever reason.

In addition, this is something that we can easily achieve in Photoshop through the same function that we have mentioned before. To do this, we can click on the drop-down list that is located on the left side of the configuration options of the Line tool and select the preset arrow.

Photoshop arrows

From there, we can customize its appearance from the gear-shaped icon on the right. Here we set its thickness, the tips to be added, its color, and more.

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