M2 chip breaks Safari speed records


We have known that the M2 chip is wonderful since it was introduced and since the first real tests are being carried out by users who have the pleasure of having tried it, for example in the recently launched MacBook Air. The tests continue and now one has been carried out with the measurement of that chip in safari use. Bearing in mind that it is one of the most used applications on a computer on a daily basis, it is important to know the results it offers. I can already tell you that they are incredible.

David Heinemeier Hanson who is the user of the Twitter account @dhh, posted a message recently indicating the results obtained after using the Speedometer 2.0 application; The test consists of measuring the speed of the Safari browser. In this way the results obtained were spectacular. It has been seen how the M2 is a 33 percent faster than the M1, and it’s also 2.5 times faster than the iMac running a 4.2GHz Core i7 CPU. There is nothing.

The score achieved was 400, an impressive figure. Keep in mind that in similar tests but with other Safari and older Chrome browsers, scores of 300 were achieved. That is, right now, 33% more. David says that the tests were done by running Speedometer 2.0 on Safari 15.6, Chrome 104 and Safari Technology Preview (version 150).

The least of the differences has been found using Chrome. Thus, when version 104 was used, the M2 saw a 9 percent increase over the M1. But of course, keep in mind that Speedometer is a test designed by Apple and the results may be adjusted in its own way.

In short. The M2 chip is very fast on Safari. Average scores around 400 points. It means that the symbiosis between hardware and software at Apple continues to work wonderfully. In fact, it’s what works best.

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