Microsoft improves the Windows 11 app store, test the changes

Despite the few months that it has been with us, the new Windows 11 operating system does not stop growing and improving. All this to try to convince a growing number of users to migrate from Windows 10. Users enrolled in the firm’s insider program are aware of all this through the new builds they receive. This is precisely the case that concerns us now with the build 25131 which we will talk about next.

Actually, we are referring to builds that are sent to the insider program dev channel in order to test the latest developments. Once they have passed this filter and have been duly accepted by the insiders, they will later become part of the final version of windows 11. In the same way, the most recent errors that are detected are corrected here so that, when the definitive version of the system is launched, it works as well as possible.

Windows 11 build 25131, this will be the new Microsoft Store

There is no doubt that the main novelty presented by this new compilation refers to one of the most important elements of the operating system. Specifically, we refer to the Microsoft Store, the windows 11 official store that offers us all kinds of apps and games, among other content. Thus, the firm informs us that it is rolling out an important update for this component to the Windows Insiders of the Dev channel with some changes and improvements.

First of all, it is worth noting the native support for devices based on the ARM64 architecture. Those who have a computer with these characteristics will see better performance when using the store for any task. To all this, we can add the improvements introduced in the app updates downloaded. Here they have optimized these updates by clicking on the corresponding buttons for this important task of the Microsoft Store.

It must be said that those applications that we have open will not be updated, so that we do not lose the current file. We will always have the possibility to manually update those apps in the future. Similarly, they improve compatibility with Android applications. Specifically, when we are browsing the web we can find a new app. In the event that it is available in the Microsoft Store, the system will pop up a window to help us install it on Windows 11. It is worth mentioning that this function is compatible with free Android applications.

To end this section, it must be said that, from now on, once the series or movie from the store has been selected, we can choose between multiple display options in one go.

Fixes for the operating system

As we mentioned before, in this new compilation we also find some corrections of recently detected errors.

  • Fixed an issue where some PCs with AMD processors had problems trying to upgrade to a new version of the system.
  • Fixed an issue with secondary accounts on PC they couldn’t update to the latest builds.
  • The new icon of File Browser for folders used in the toolbar has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused File Explorer to crash when browsing folders with .MKV files.
  • They fixed a problem with search from the beginning.
  • By selecting Open file location, we can now select that file in the folder.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain FPS monitoring apps to affect game performance.

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