Office is updated with Word group work enhancements

Office is the world’s leading office automation suite, Microsoft knows this and therefore focuses its efforts in search of novelties that make it stand out more and more so that it can satisfy the needs of all its users. In order to test future news, in 2015 it launched the Office Insider program, for users who want to participate and have an Office 365 account. For them, Microsoft has recently launched a new version of Office with some new features and bug fixes .

Those of Redmond has included in his latest Build for Office Insider users. The build is now available 14405.20002. It includes an important new feature for users who collaborate on Word documents. Also, different bug fixes are added for different apps.

Track your own changes in Word

The Control Changes function in Microsoft Word allows us to keep a record of all editions of the document. Thanks to this, any user can insert comments in the document. So far it is possible to see all the changes made by the users who collaborate in the same document, although it does not show the editions themselves. This is something that Microsoft wants to fix in its latest update.

In the recently released new build for Office Insider users, a new feature is added with Improvements to the Track Changes feature. This allows us to activate it exclusively for ourselves, through the “Only mine” option. In this way, every time we press the Change Control button within the Review tab, the application will be in charge of keeping track of all the changes, whether they have been made by the author or by any other collaborator. In this way, by using the “Only mine” function we can tell Word to do track only our changes.

This new feature for Word is available to Insider users using both Windows and macOS, and should help save time between users collaborating on Word files by different authors.

Office Build 14405.20002 fixes

Along with the new feature for Track Changes in Word, the new Build 144.05.20002 released by Microsoft for Office also includes different bug fixes:

  • Important fixes– Fixes an issue where the Repeat as header row in a table was disabled in some cases.
  • Correction in Excel– Solution to an issue that caused trendline instability in logarithmic data graphs.
  • Outlook fixes– Solution to a problem when replying to an external user’s message with a sensitivity label.
  • Access correction– Fixes an issue where after an error occurred when pasting records into a submodule, the data added to the submodule is removed when the form is closed. Additionally, another issue is fixed where attempting to use the DAO API from non-Office applications resulted in an error, with the message “The operating system is not currently configured to run this application.”
  • Word corrections– Behavior during a Save or Save As file to a location that requires user access approval has been improved; The Grant Access screen should now appear to allow user access to be approved.

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