Don’t run out of space with these Seagate hard drive deals

We have found a couple of offers of seagate storage drives that may interest you a lot. On the one hand, we have an external drive with a capacity of 1 TB, ideal for making backup copies. Those who have a Xbox SeriesX | yes, they are in luck, because an Expansion Card is also on sale. These products are up to 33% off.

We have unity first Seagate Portable 1TB of capacity, which is of conventional format. Something interesting is that it only requires a USB cable, it does not need additional power. The Seagate Expansion Card for the Microsoft console comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one month.

Seagate Portable 1TB, ideal for your most important files

Carry out Backups periodically of our most important files is critical. More and more hidden web threats are waiting to infect our systems. For this reason it is important to have our photos, videos, documents and any other valuable file in an independent storage unit.

The Seagate Portable 1TB drive is pretty basic, but to back up important files, you don’t need much else. This storage unit is based on a mechanical hard drive or HDD, hence its very tight price.

It has been designed to be compatible with both systems and Windows like with Mac. The drive is completely plug and play. No additional drivers or software are required to make it work.

This unit includes a cable USB3.0 of 45 cm so that we can connect it to our system. The drive, not surprisingly, features a USB 3.0 connector. The same USB port performs the function of data transfer and power supply of the unit.

We are talking about a fairly basic unit, but more than enough to store our most important files. The 1 TB capacity is more than enough to back up files such as photos and videos, it will fit a lot of content.

Seagate 1TB Expansion Card for your Xbox Series X console | yes

You may have bought one of the new ones Microsoft consoles and need some extra capacity. Looking to make a simple solution, in the Xbox SeriesX | yes The mythical Memory Card of the first PlayStation have been recovered. This is also a somewhat limiting measure, since it is more expensive and “difficult” to expand the capacity of the console.

This Seagate Expansion Card unit has a capacity of 1 TB, where we can install the games. Once installed, via the PCIe interface it communicates directly with the processor at high speeds. It’s basically a hard drive M.2 PCIe SSD but with an exclusive format for the new Microsoft consoles.

Something very interesting about this unit is that it comes with a free one-month subscription to the Xbox GamePass Ultimate. Said pass can be enjoyed on Microsoft’s own console or on any PC. It gives us access to a catalog of more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. A good option to enjoy some classic games again.

Clearly, this product is only intended for those who have an Xbox Series X | S and want to expand its capacity. Something like what the PS5 offers would have been better, which is a space to install M.2 PCIe SSD drives. What this design does is make the product more expensive and limit the possibilities, but good.

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